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Bed & Breakfast

Welcome at the Bed & Breakfast of Erzsike and Michel van Langeveld.

You will find our Bed and Breakfast in Sic (Szék), Transylvania, Romania. It is at the same yard as the famous Csipkeszegi dance house. 

Sic is a Hungarian enclave nearby Cluj-Napoca (45 km). 96% is Hungarian. Due to there isolated location, the people of Sic (in Hungarian language: Szék) still lives like they did 50 years ago. Wagons and horses and folk costumes are still a normal daily view. Szék has a very rich dance culture and has only 3 streets or neighborhoods: Felszeg, Forrószeg and Csipkeszeg. In former days every street/ neighborhood had its own dance house (in Hungarian: táncház)



Our B. & B. is situated in Csipkeszeg, above a new build dance house. We have 6 rooms and max. 14 persons can find here a place to sleep.

We organize monthly culture evenings with music and dance. Also at your request we can organize extra dance houses.


 More information about it at our site of our foundation: csipkeszeg foundation.


For an even better impression of our Bed & Breakfast view the pictures and videos on this site.

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