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Welcome at the site of the Csipkeszeg Bed & Breakfast in Szék.
The B. & B is situated in the new Csipkeszegi táncház. The newest dance house of Szék in the Csipkeszeg area.
With 6 rooms we can offer beds until 14/16 persons. 

We are open from May - October in the season.

Room, Bed & Breakfast:  € 20,-- *  p.p. (min. 2 persons)


* (Prices from)


For your reservation or more info please contact us:

Csipkeszeg Bed & Breakfast

Str. II  nr. 16

(​Csipkeszeg 16)

Sic, (Szek), 407540 



Email us ​

Call us to Book

004 0747212988

004 0264228222


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