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Welcome at the site of the Csipkeszeg Foundation.

Foundation for preservation of Hungarian cultural heritage.

Latest news/Legfrissebb hírek:

2022 is an anniversary year. In this year we celebrate that on May 6, 1972, the first Hungarian dance house was organized in a bookshop in Budapest. Throughout the year, dance houses will be organized in our dance house.


On May 6, 7 and 8, the entire village will be dominated by this dance house anniversary. The Kallos Zoltan Foundation and the Transilvanian House for Traditions have taken care of the organization of this event. Music and dance workshops and lectures will be organised. And many music and dance groups will travel to Szék.


More information will follow on the Csipkeszeg Facebook site.

Uj video:
Pártavaltság Szabo Lajos és Csorba Zsuzsi. Szék, Augusztus 6, 2000
Pali Marci - primás
Sipos Márton - brácsás
Boldiszár Márton - bögös
Camera: Michel van Langeveld (c)

A Csipkeszeg Alapítvány reméli, hogy találkozni fogunk Széken ... a Magyar Táncház mozgalom bölcsőjében!

With pleasure we announce hereby the latest video.
More video's will be prepared in future. The Csipkeszeg Foundation has about 300 8 mm video cassette's to digitize. Films about daily live, weddings, church, musicians, dance camps etc. etc.. This all during a long period from 1993 until now.

The Csipkeszeg Foundation also hopes to meet you in Szék .... the cradle of Hungarian dance house movement .

                                                                   Dance house in Sic / Szék .... Photography by Korniss Peter.


Would you like to visit a dance house (táncház) in Sic / Szék with the atmosphere of the 70's?

- With live music made by great musicians;

- A bar where the only true forbidden Csiki beer always is available, as well as the famous Széki pálinka;

- A nice heated room

- Good atmosphere;

- Free visit to the Fóno and Dance House Museum....


Then a visit of the Dance House of Csipkeszeg may be an option. We can already offer your (dance) group a dance house for just 200 euros


For the latest news see also our Facebooksite:

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