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Uj video:
Pártavaltság Szabo Lajos és Csorba Zsuzsi. Szék, Augusztus 6, 2000
Pali Marci - primás
Sipos Márton - brácsás
Boldiszár Márton - bögös
Camera: Michel van Langeveld (c)

A Csipkeszeg Alapítvány reméli, hogy találkozni fogunk Széken ... a Magyar Táncház mozgalom bölcsőjében!

With pleasure we announce hereby the latest video.
More video's will be prepared in future. The Csipkeszeg Foundation has about 300 8 mm video cassette's to digitize. Films about daily live, weddings, church, musicians, dance camps etc. etc.. This all during a long period from 1993 until now.

The Csipkeszeg Foundation also hopes to meet you in Szék .... the cradle of Hungarian dance house movement .

                                                                   Dance house in Sic / Szék .... Photography by Korniss Peter.


Would you like to visit a dance house (táncház) in Sic / Szék with the atmosphere of the 70's?

- With live music made by great musicians;

- A bar where the only true forbidden Csiki beer always is available, as well as the famous Széki pálinka;

- A nice heated room

- Good atmosphere;

- Free visit to the Fóno and Dance House Museum....


Then a visit of the Dance House of Csipkeszeg may be an option. We can already offer your (dance) group a dance house for just 150 euros.


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